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This was the plight of some two guys at a hang out recently. Everyone wondered what was happening as the confused lot, stuck on the duo who tried to shove them off without much luck. Now, what is wrong with such people? What goes in their minds when they step out? In my world for example, everything in life must have an agenda, a plan and mode of execution. Meaning that, by the time one sets off to party or have fun, they should know where they are going, how they are going, what they are going to spend on, in whose company they will be at and estimated time they intend to spend out. Imagine this, so many people walk into places with different motives.

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It is an overlooked travel destination and might be a great poosy paradise. For too long time they had all the fun just for themselves. Getting there is rather simple for African standards, at least. My lay stats in Kampala: Some girls have big tits as well; C- and D-cups are common.

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A lot of things happened all at the same time to the point where I just want to sleep for a few weeks and just rest without doing anything just so that I could process what has happened in the past three weeks. So this blog post will a sort of catharsis for me in order to get my chaotic thoughts down in word form in order to process my turbulent emotions. Coffee Camp, Kasese August 18 — 23 I was originally asked by some Peace Corps staff members to help out with filming a promotional video for a Coffee Camp that would be held in Kasese to the far west of Uganda.

The main goal of Coffee Camp was to empower the local youth in the Kasese region to utilize coffee as a financial means to develop themselves and attain their goals. I was driven in a Peace Corps vehicle from Kampala to Kasese. We continued on our way to the Kasese district which was absolutely gorgeous. As we transitioned from the central regions to the west the landscape changed from farms of matooke to open fields and the rolling foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains.

We turned off of the main Kampala-Fort Portal road and instantaneously the tarmac gave way to a potholed dirt road. Before we knew it we were winding our way down a single-lane dirt road that wound its way through the verdant hillsides of Kasese. Everywhere I looked there were looming hills infinitely undulating into the horizon. There were hairpin turns at almost every single point, and our driver had to honk the horn before turning so that incoming boda bodas and cars would know to slow down in order to avoid a collision.

Kasese Paved Road Stone Riverbad Road As we drove deeper into the inroads of the foothills the dirt road disappeared completely and became a dry riverbed of stones. A lot of the pathways in this region resulted from the always-evolving pathways of the streams in this area. The pathways always change due to farming, erosion, rainy season, and various other development factors in the region.


While most of our rooms are designated non-smoking, a number of rooms are available for smokers, but these should be booked in advance. There’s also an opulently Bedouin-tented terrace, which lends itself ideally to private meetings or social relaxation. Dining at the Kampala Serena Hotel A triumph of light space and cascading water, the Kampala Serena Hotel offers a world of dining and entertaining options.

Choose from our stunning gourmet restaurant, The Pearl of Africa open 6pm to 10pm , The Explorers Italian Bistro open 10am to 12 midnight , The Lakes, All-day international restaurant open 6.

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Uganda’s Best Side This Blog comes to showcase the best side of uganda, not to defame this beautiful country but to give anyone outside this country a view of what else Uganda has to offer to the rest f the world when they visit the country. I went there a couple of times and there was one in particular that really caught my attention. Not only that, she really seemed to be into me too.

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Serena Hotel consists of rooms and this makes it to be the best place in Kampala to handle national and regional events, business and social aspects of life as well as other corporate events. Drawing its architectural design from the abundance of Uganda’s lakes and rivers, the hotel has been established around a central water theme, which displays itself both in the extensive water gardens and in the hand-carved panels and shimmering mosaics with which it is decorated.

Accommodation at Kampala Serena Hotel offers world class facilities and services. The following are the room types found in the hotel. Deluxe Rooms Kampala Serena Hotel has total of deluxe rooms which consist of a large en suite bath room, work station, dressing table, seating area and terrace.

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Some will disguise themselves working in arcades, selling some clothes. They rarely step in lectures but somehow find a way to get marks. They are the corporate prostitutes roaming Ugandan campuses. Most of these corporate prostitutes are usually light-skinned. Because light skins sell and the advertising industry has programmed beauty to mean light-skinned in the minds of men. These girls hang around a number of bars.

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Click here to go straight to Comments] 1. However, this is to omit, among other things, the highly incriminating presence of the black desk lamp, which was found, without any fingerprints on it, behind the door. There was only one print of Knox in the entire house; there were none in her own room or bathroom or kitchen except on one glass. The omission of this incriminating evidence spreads surprisingly far, almost as if the highly regimented Knox-Mellas PR had ordered: The prosecution questioned Knox about it at trial see Part 3 below but the defenses had not one question in rebuttal or explanation of their own.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

Kampala Serena Hotel. Kampala Serena Hotel is part of the Serena group of Hotels that are ranking globally with extensions in East Africa. Kampala Serena Hotel is 2km from the Parliament of Uganda and presents top notch accommodation establishment to the Uganda safari undertakers and other guests visiting the country.

Macadam Road construction requires the creation of an engineered continuous right-of-way or roadbed, overcoming geographic obstacles and having grades low enough to permit vehicle or foot travel , [35]: A variety of road building equipment is employed in road building. Storm drainage and environmental considerations are a major concern. Erosion and sediment controls are constructed to prevent detrimental effects. Drainage lines are laid with sealed joints in the road easement with runoff coefficients and characteristics adequate for the land zoning and storm water system.

Drainage systems must be capable of carrying the ultimate design flow from the upstream catchment with approval for the outfall from the appropriate authority to a watercourse , creek , river or the sea for drainage discharge. Approval from local authorities may be required to draw water or for working crushing and screening of materials for construction needs.

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Compensation or replacement may be required if a protected tree is damaged.

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